Pod case study

Pod: Physiotherapy after spinal surgery

Clinical summary: Spinal disc trauma requiring spinal operation (laminectomy/fenestration)

Dogs with long backs can often be vulnerable to back problems. This was the case with Pod, a rough-haired dachshund who was nine years old when he underwent surgery to remove a disc which was pressing on his spine.

After the operation his owners, Ann and Gil Janson, were concerned that his progress towards full mobility seemed slow and that he would not recover the full use of his hind legs.

“A friend had told us about Julia – regarding the physiotherapy for pets,” says Ann. At the owners’ request, Ralph Abercromby, the very experienced orthopaedic specialist veterinary surgeon who had performed the operation, was happy to refer Pod for physiotherapy with Julia.

Physiotherapy treatment included manual techniques, electrotherapy and a progressive rehabilitation exercise approach.

“The physiotherapy has helped speed up Pod’s recovery, and Julia’s advice and guidance in telling us what we could do to help Pod has proved invaluable,” says Ann. “We have also found it most useful to have Julia monitor his recovery so that we know what progress to expect.”